Startup: Giving Hero

I am one of the founders of Giving Hero. Our journey started when I moved from working at Coca-Cola to Real LIFE Foundation – a nonprofit that gives scholarships to the underprivileged but deserving students. I saw the impact of Real LIFE.

Inspired by the experience in Real LIFE, together with Louie, we started Cent To Change with a mission to give clean water to disadvantaged communities. We started serving families in Baseco, Tondo. It was there that we learned the realities and challenges of running a nonprofit.

We explored using solutions to some part of the operations – fundraising, donor management, and impact reporting. However, the tech-solutions are segmented and not tailored-fit for nonprofits.

With Louie, an experienced game developer, we started thinking about building tech solutions for nonprofits. We have a small team together of passionate individuals – Mike, Darwin, Alyssa, Annika.

From Cent To Change (2018), to Hero Points (2019), and now Giving Hero (2020), one thing that did not change is our belief that nonprofits can change lives and change the world. We make it our mission to builds effective tech solutions for nonprofits so they can focus on their mission.

The ultimate win for us is when nonprofits fulfill their mission and solve society’s problem – poverty, lack of access to education, decrease in the number of child mortality, access to clean water, reforestation, preservation of endemic species, etc.

If you share this belief and mission, we ask for your help by connecting us to nonprofits, individuals, or stakeholders that you know. Also, feel free to message me for feedback on our solutions and how we can improve it.

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