Marriage in the Time of ECQ

I have been avoiding to work from home because I want to separate my work and my personal life. I want our home to be a place of rest and not for work. All of that has changed. My wife and I have been working from home for more than a month already. We do not have an ‘office’ room. To work, my wife uses our spare room, and I use the living room.

The first days were some sort of a honeymoon stage. Sometimes, she would go out of the room and share random conversations. I would happily oblige to share my thoughts also. When she wants to rest, she sits beside me in the living room, we talk and talk.

The sunset is the witness when I watched it on our terrace as I think about how unproductive I am. Eventually, my heart is not settled anymore. I will put on my headphones, and when she starts a conversation, I pretend not to hear it. She gets water and will just go back to the room and work. I am annoying her too. I will barge into her room and shout to shock her. Sometimes, she would give me a stern look because she is in the middle of a meeting.

Three nights ago, our devotion was about good listening. The talking point is for each of us to think of one or two practical steps we can take to show each other more love through engaged listening. The good thing about this exercise is that it is not her that will tell me about what I need to improve but it should be a realization coming from me. This was an opportunity for me to come clean and told her that I sometimes pretend not to listen to her while I am at work. With this, we were able to open the conversation deeper about how we can help each other so that we can continue to be productive and be able to fulfill a day’s work.

My prayer is that couples may find time to have a conversation about the current reality of working from home and the adjustments to be made. For sure, a 24 hours-7 days of being together, you have discovered many things about each other. It includes pet peeves like you hear how your spouse chews food, the crisis in the toilet seat, and many more. Just talk about it.

In China, filings started rising in March as couples emerged from quarantine. But this is not your story. Your story of the lockdown is a memory of being together, rekindling of love to each other, service for one another, and just the pure joy of being available for each other in random moments and hours of the day.

Vlog about Marriage #1: Marriage and Toilet Seats of Pastor Daniel and Char Trinidad

I got the featured image from Ate Gisella Araneta's facebook post.

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