Called To Create

“Prayer is my way of going to the Lord and admitting I am not in control. He is. And that gives me rest.”

“Create in a way that our work can never be confused as a mere job. Create in a way that clearly conveys to ourselves and the world that we work sacrificially for someone else. We work for the One who has called us to create.”

This is a nice book for every entrepreneur. The Christian entrepreneurs will appreciate this because of the Biblical foundations. I learned about how other Christian entrepreneurs allowed their faith and the gospel to work in their operations.

Here are the other quotes that I love from this book:

“God was the first entrepreneur. He brought something out of nothing. He established order out of chaos. He created for the good of others. Before the Bible tells us that God is loving, holy, or merciful, we learn that he is creative.”

Look at this creativity.

“God created us to be co-creators with him, to do “the things that God has done in creation—bringing order out of chaos” to create new things for the good of others. God is calling us to be entrepreneurial.”

“It is so freeing to realize that God has called me—with just as important a calling as that of any pastor—to create new things.”

“We need to be willing to assume the role God has called us to, no matter if the role is ever seen, or ever announced on Twitter, or ever included in the Wall Street Journal. The end goal is not getting credit from people, it’s getting to be a part of what the Creator has ordained.”

“As Christian entrepreneurs, we should be asking God to show off so much. We should ask him for big things so he can blow our expectations out of the water and get the glory from us and those around us. God needs your discipline. He needs you to hustle just as hard as any other entrepreneur. The difference is, as Christians, we now our hustle is only part of the equation. Ultimately, it is God who will produce results through us and is thus worthy of all the glory.”

“For those who are called to create, our faith should impact every aspect of our entrepreneurial endeavors, from our motivations for creating to the products we choose to create to how we operate our ventures. God is always on the move in the world around us.”

“As entrepreneurs, we know how to hustle, how to work hard, how to earn our sweat equity. And that is a good thing! Colossians 3:23 commands us to “work . . . with all your heart, as working for the Lord.” But believing that our hustle is what is responsible for producing results in our ventures would be like the Israelites believing that shouting brought an impenetrable fortress crumbling”

“Those of us who are called to create are forced to wrestle with the tension between trusting and hustling. On the one hand we know that apart from God we can do nothing, but on the other hand we know that God commands us to work hard. For most entrepreneurs, the hustling comes easily. It’s the trusting that is so difficult.”

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

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