Love Comes in Many Forms

When I was single, these days were one of the hardest. I was a pressure to be teased about not having a date on the 14th. I can’t remember exactly the year, but there was a moment in my life when I made perfect peace about it.

I was leading a team of volunteers in Kids Church. One of my best friends was still my roommate and a volunteer too. We decided to host a valentine’s day party at our small place. We invited all the girl volunteers. I think we gave them one rose each. We watched either Miracle at Cell #7 or The Classic. Those were happy days! All of us were able to move beyond the 14th of February without the bitterness of being single. Our hearts were full. Writing this is nostalgic, I could imagine smiling faces and fun! This was 6 years ago. I am thankful for the friendship that we were able to build together.

We are just made to believe that happiness is a date on the 14th with one single person. That you are a loser for not having a date. That 14th is a grand special day to profess love to someone. That you are less of a man if you are not with a girlfriend. That you are less of a woman and not beautiful because no one asks you for a date. Brands and ads become so crafty that they say, “It is a single awareness month or day”. All of these are not true! Do not chase love this month out of pressure. Save yourself from heartache.

Love comes in many forms. The purest form of love is friendship and family. It is not confined to having a relationship and a date on February 14. Build memories with friends and family instead.

With this, sharing also my previous blogs about this topic:

Wait Before You Date. When God called me to be a man, I am called to lead, protect, and provide. It is not leadership if I am the first one to disobey my God. It is not protection if I am the one to break the heart of the person I will enter a relationship with. And it is not provision if I don’t have anything to provide for our relationship.

Single and Seeking. If you are reading and you are single, assess your heart because marriage might become an idol already. If your everyday thoughts are almost always about marriage then maybe it is about time to shatter that idol and enjoy the season of being single.

Economics of a Heartbreak. It is expensive to fall in love with the wrong person. So, fall in love to the right person. But that is not my advice because it is easier said than done. It is not easy to find the one.

Courtship In Pedestal. Courtship stories are for us to be encouraged about faith. But it should not be put in a pedestal like it is the same for everyone. God is the best story teller. Pursue courtship and marriage in the eyes of faith.

Wait Before You Date is a special one because it is written by a good friend, and he is still a student.

Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

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