Time To Let Go

I broke a bowl. I kept it on the highest corner of the kitchen cabinet. It is an effort for my wife to get it. Last night, she was cleaning. She saw the broken bowl again and told me that she will throw it away. I pleaded. Told her to give me a month to fix it. She was not buying it. Pleaded for it once more.

I told her about the research I made on how to fix it. She did not agree but eventually she decided to give me a month.

My wife is like that. She is very supportive even on things that I am unreasonable.

The bowl was broken two years ago. Yes, 2! In those years, there were discussion about it probably every quarter. Nothing passionate. Just an expression of her disbelief on me for still keeping it.

But tonight, I know for sure that I will be throwing it away.

During the 12NN prayer and fasting service, Pastor Paolo Punzalan gave a short message: It is a time of consecration. Remove the junk. The things that you do not necessarily need. Sometimes there is a tug of war – make it stay or to let it go. Let go.

That reminded me of the broken bowl that I tried to keep for two years. Not only that, it reminds me of the things that I need to change. Sometimes a disbelief of how faithful God is so that I focus on what my human ability could muster. A nudge to rewire my brain to let go of bad habits and form good ones.

It prompted me to also be intentional in looking at things that I might not be mindful of. Words that may hurt my wife. Joining conversations that I do not have a reason to be involved with. And even being intentional about keeping my time with God, not just to ask but also to worship.

So how about our brokenness? God does not want us to dwell on it. That is why Jesus came 200o years ago and His body was broken so that we can become whole again.

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” -Joshua 3:5

It is time to let go of those junks. There are so many great things that the Lord wants our hands to do. But our hands are full. May the Lord direct us to see what those junks are. May we learn to empty it and receive His full.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash 

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