I Used To Hate Waiting

I made a hole in my belt using a knife. It did look well. We had a formal event and the hole I made in the belt bothered me. It is like an itch in your head that you just have no power to ignore it. I went early to school after searching that Mr Quickie is just a 5-minute walk. 

I have a weird thing about a schedule. I hate it when there is a sudden change. It does not give me joy when the day is not going the way I thought it should be. I never imagined that a day will come that my perspective about time and schedule will change. 

The event is happening in the evening. So two hours before that is more than enough to fix the hole in my belt. Mr Quickie was an easy find. A lady was explaining about a high heel that collapsed while strolling around the mall. A guy was duplicating keys to his new place around the area. I have the easiest to be fixed. 

When it was my turn, I show the belt. I explained how I made a hole using the house knife. She was not impressed. She did not say it but I could see her disinterest in my do-it-yourself remedy. I was told that the guy assigned to do the service went out and will be back. 

I had doubts about her statement. My understanding is that there should be a magic tool to do the job I am requesting, and she can probably do it. But maybe she could not. Maybe it is that hard. It took me time to poke a hole using a knife maybe the tool is not easy to use.

I ask her if I could just leave the belt, pay in advance, and get it back after an hour. She declined and said that it is just easy to do. In my head, “Easy and yet, you can’t do it, right?” 

I asked her if she knows what time the guy is coming back. She had no idea. But she said to wait. The whole situation did not make sense to me:

  1. It is an easy service, but nobody could do it except that guy.
  2. I cannot leave the belt nor go back to school because I just have to wait.

This got me impatient. I think I remained calm, but my brain was not. You know when you are mad and your heart swells like it is going to explode. I can tolerate that. I kept silent. But my actions, my yawn, my constantly looking at the time is betraying that silent. The lady could see through me. I did not care.

Then the guy walked in after long minutes of waiting. I handed the belt. He fixed the hole in a matter of seconds, literally. It was an easy job. He told me not to use a knife the next time, and just visit the shop again. The guy that kept me waiting is giving me a piece of advice. I imagined my eyes rolled.

I got my wallet and asked how much to pay. The guy said that the kind of service is free. I felt like cold water was thrown at me. Embarrassing. It was free! I was speechless. My wallet had no use. I am not sure if they received my ‘thank you’. They may have felt my shame with my voice in saying it.

This is a very simple story about waiting. It was a very simple request: Wait a little bit and you will get it for free. 

Sometimes, I get so impatient when God will keep me waiting. Not sometimes. Almost all the time. But this encounter was a reminder to me, wait a little bit, a little bit longer, it is free.

God in his power and might does not withhold good things from me. I know that. He has shown it over and over again. It does not come with a cost from me. It is His gift. 

A reminder that even for my salvation, it cost His life, and I only had to wait for a time that He found me. I was found in the wickedness of me and yet by His grace, He gave salvation for free. 

When He asks me to wait after this encounter, my response is, “I will wait for sure. I will be still to where You want me. I know that every season of waiting is worth it.”

Wait. Be still. He is in control. He is God. 

Photo by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash
Photo by Asiya Kiev on Unsplash
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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