God Answers Random Prayers

I heard a call from my wife. It was a soft voice. I thought I was dreaming. I remember that before I fell asleep, I uttered a prayer about not having bad dreams.

I heard my wife’s voice again. I slowly opened my eyes. I was not dreaming. My wife was talking about something. I did not understand what it is about. The hour hand and minute hand of our wall clock registered at 2:30.

I asked my wife what it was about. My eyes are rebelling, it was not fully opened. I was not fully awake. She said that her ear is very painful. That we had to go to the hospital. She said it in a soft voice. She always does.

Like a responsible husband, I should wake up. I did not. My body remained flat in bed, fighting sleep. My subconscious fought back and said, “She has an extreme pain tolerance based on the hospital ordeal two years ago. She must be in so much pain now.”

I stood up. The first impulse was to pray. Prayer to remove the pain. A declaration of complete healing.

I asked her to rate the pain, 10 as the highest. She said around 9 or 10. Whenever something is wrong in my body, I will always rate it as 10 or 11. I was convinced that we go to the emergency.

We took a grab. “Be present”, I am still convincing myself. It was early in the morning. It was silent. The roads were dark. I held her hand. My mind was still blank.

We arrived at the hospital’s drop off area. As soon as we got out of the car, Richt said, “She heard her ear popped and pain is gone.”

As if from a deep slumber, my mind went bright, eyes wide awake, body with full energy. I told Richt that the prayer worked.

We did not bother to go to the emergency room.

Holding her hand, I told her that God just answered that seemingly random and insincere prayer.

We had a walk from the hospital to home. I was still laughing. I was making fun of how we made it to the hospital and did not even make it to its door. We got an answered prayer already.

In the dark and stillness of the morning, I felt God telling me, “Prayer works. I heard it. You can have your sleep back.”

Husbands, we do not have all the answers to everything. Because of the leadership that is entrusted to us, sometimes we find ourselves managing everything. May we find ourselves praying for our wives, praying for small and big situations. Prayer is our first line of defense. Not our work and the money that we can make. Prayer. Prayer works.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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