Invest On What Matters

Investments are becoming an easy conversation these days. Insurance. Real estate. Startups. Stocks. My wife and I have several discussions about making investments also. We have agreed to one of the most important investments for us – marriage. Yes! We are investing in our marriage. 

We invested in the Couples’ Getaway last year and this year. We learned how we can nurture our marriages and how we can keep it strong and exciting! This is the kind of investment that will forever be in the memories – without the fear of regrets or losing it. Long rides to Tagaytay. Costume preparation if needed. I give all the liberty to my wife to decide on it. 

I am very competitive usually excited with the games. Because we won the test on how well we know each other last year, honestly, we made some preparation. HAHAHA. Most of the questions we know well each other, but there could be questions that need a specific answer. I love kare-kare and kakanin. I told my wife to write kakanin if the question will come out. 

However, that game was officially only for last year. But we were on the finals again. That is to answer a certain category. There were five couples left. Then there were three. romantic comedy movies. Notably, I answered ‘Pagdating ng Panahon’. I have not seen the movie but I have a vivid picture of the movie poster. I do not know why. I thought I have all the answers. Richt hilariously froze! We were eliminated. I heard a sorry from Richt that evening and during breakfast from losing. I kept on reminding me that it was okay and I am good. I probably was not very convincing. 

We get to have dates more often. It used to be dinner. We changed it to breakfast. Avoiding traffic at night. Starting the morning right also. 

It is easy to say yes to many schedules in a week and then forget that you have a family too. I had some meetings before that I could bring her. I counted those as a date. No! That was wrong. I only drag her to listen to my boring business stuff and then thought I got her on a date. 

Change of perspective. I love having a breakfast date with my wife every week. We remind each other about all the impossible things that we can do together. This is knowing that nothing is impossible with God. 

Invest in your marriage too. It is worth it!

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