A Survey and Personal Curiosity

Last month, I created a short survey among friends and their friends about single men and women in the church. I gathered 50 answers and here are the results.

Thank you for sharing your input and thoughts on this subject!
Men and their status.
Women and their status.
Two men are single! I had to check if they are the ones who are in a relationship – they are both single. If the age will determine, many will get married around that age.
In my opinion, the number is very low. You do not look for a married mentor when you are in a relationship already or you plan to get married. It is best when you are still single. When I was single, I used to sleep at my mentor’s place and will baby sit their kids when they need help. It gives me a glimpse of what marriage looks like.

This is for married couples also. I know married life is hard work also but I hope that we can find time to mentor young people. Marriage has been attacked more recently, by mentoring, we make a stand about the joy in pursuing it.
I counted only the number of pursuing and being pursued starting 2018.

One of things that I am also interested to discover os on the perceptions of single men and women about each other. These could be clues on why they are not meeting together.

How women view men in the church.
How men view women in the church.

There are also things that I discovered from the survey about how they perceive each other. It is not entirely just negative.

How men view women.
How women view men.

Obviously, this survey is not conclusive. I can only find clues on why single men and single women in the church are not pursuing courtship. They both want to be married at the age between 29-30. They have positive perceptions to each other as well as some negative.

This is a personal curiosity. This is not sanctioned by the church or organizations I am connected with. I did not get any names and other sensitive information from this survey.  

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