Where My Fridays and Saturdays Go?

Eight months ago, I became an official student once again. I am currently enrolled at Asian Institute of Management for Master of Science in Innovation and Business. The decision came at the peak of my interests in using innovative technology for social good. It also means that for 15 months, my Friday nights and Saturdays will be spent at school.

This journey is like a roller-coaster ride. I only rode once, and I am not sure of doing it ever again. The roller-coaster. This masters is not also a walk in the park. There is a zen garden at school, but I prefer the pool side. Though there were months where I dread it, but this is a journey. I dread it sometimes just like college or high school, it was not all fun every day. Elementary is the only exception – games, fun, anime, games. I have apprehensions also because this is for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, agriculture, architecture, mathematics, and medicine) graduates with passion for business and innovation. I only got half of that requirement – for being passionate.

Every moment at the school is just a moment. Fleeting. What is important is for the lessons to be applied in real world problems. I can say for now that term 1 was trying times. I had several talks to mentors, classmates, friends, the wife, and many self-talks of continuing it or not. But remember college when halfway of your major classes, you suddenly became unsure if that was the right course for you. Looking back, you have no regrets of finishing it. This is a product of my reflection and self-talk. I should finish this.

Eight months and I have done so many things already. I am now in my 2nd python coding class online. Yes, that is on top of my masters. Crazy! Although, in Singapore next year, coding classes will be rolled out to primary school. I am 32 and trying to get ahead from those primary school students. Hero Points, the startup that Louie and I started this year, is incubated by UPSCALE and SFI of KMC and Impact Hub. More of this in the coming blogs on innovation.

I also got to read an email today that says, “After an intense 8 weeks of research, learning, and applying the innovation methodology, you finished strong and successfully created actionable recommendations to your client. You emerged yourself into the consulting world and professionally delivered high-quality output. You learned how to work together as a team to provide support throughout the competition and learned from the wins and challenges. On behalf of the IXL Center team and our global partner GIMI Institute, we would like to congratulate you once again for all the effort, dedication and great commitment to the world’s largest innovation consulting competition.” I am part of an amazing team.

We competed against the best in the world. I can’t exactly remember how it was announced because when Harvard was announced as the 2nd place, it was automatic for me to think that another school will win. My brain betrays the optimism of my team. I know.

One morning, I woke up to receive a long thread of sermon from a friend – Suey. And all she can say now is, “I told you so!”

Why am I writing this? This is my self-talk. This is for me to remember that not all good things will be handed so easily. That all decisions will have consequences that you cannot choose from. You just have to deal with it.

Every moment is fleeting. The struggles and hardship will just pass by.

Find friends who will challenge you! Who will not tolerate your mood and your whatever. Find a mentor that you can process you life with. Get a wife who will support your craziness but will not support your feeling of defeat. She is the winner for me!

Talk to yourself. Breathe! Turn-off all the noise in the world including all notifications. Let your mind wander on where you are and where you want to be.

At this moment, may you find the courage to just do it and to live your dreams.

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