Keep Going

“Sometimes God will allow tough times to come at you immediately when you are following a dream because He wants to find out up front if you can withstand them.” -Matthew Barnett

Keep going! When circumstances are not making sense, keep going. If it becomes too tiring, keep going. The truth is His power is made perfect in our weakness. Whatever it is that you are going through, think of it us not breaking you down but building your faith up.

Most of the times, our concerns are a reflection of what we see from others. They are more successful. They have accomplished so many things. They travel the world. Almost always, it is ‘they’.

I was in the same path. It was leading to both distraction and destruction. There was a relentless longing to always do something big so that I could measure up to to others.

It is not the way. God reminded me with my reading of ‘The Call’ by Os Guinness with this:

“I live before the Audience of One. Before others I have nothing to prove, nothing to gain, nothing to lose.

Listen to Him, and answer His call.

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