Miracle In A Meeting

I was waiting in the corner table of the community hall. It was a first meeting to a salesperson. She messaged me that she will be late for 10 minutes. I took the chance to read and reply to emails. A message came saying she is in the lobby. I moved out and met her.

Introduced each other and right before she sat down, her phone rang. I noticed she was distressed. I told her to answer the phone. She was saying to the caller that the property was sold already, and she could not do anything about it. They were discussing terms and how to tell the caller’s client to refund what they have paid.

She started crying. She was too embarrassed. She cannot hold back her tears. I told her not to worry. I gave her five minutes to relax and be ready to present.

She got another call again. I nodded and signaled that she can take it. A call was from the management. She had to call the previous caller again and said, “Sorry. Let us just move on. God is in control.”

That to me was a cue. She finished the call. I took the time and affirmed that indeed God is in control and that He is faithful too.

She agreed. And with a deep sigh she said she will start to present already.

And yet another call came in! This time was a different call. I could not hear the words, but I could hear a gleeful voice from the other end. She was very happy too. Her hands were shaking as she called another person saying that, “God is faithful! The management decided that the sale should be given to us.”

Her eyes were in a different light. There was joy. She was astonished of God’s faithfulness. We were able to finish the meeting.

I closed the meeting with a prayer. It was a long prayer of declaration. I prayed for her and declared that she will come to know Christ in a deeper way.

She felt it. I felt it too. I felt God’s peace and His presence. She was in tears saying that the prayer is the perfect gift for her upcoming birthday.

I told her that when things are not right and to remember that day. That God is in control, and He is faithful. That in just minutes He can bring a miracle.

He is in control. He is faithful, too!

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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