What Do You Remember?

Can you still remember the last time you went to bed without your phone in your hand? You lie in the soft mattress. You think about what happened in your day. A quick scan in your mind of what tomorrow holds for you. You feel that vastness of the space. The darkness envelopes the room and you cannot tell where the corners are.

When was the last time you wake up in bed by the alarm not of your phone? It could be from the loving yells of your mother as she forces you out of your bed. Or from the alarm clock with a sound that is too familiar but still could lift your body up.

Did you stand up and made yourself out from the bed this morning after stopping the alarm from the phone? Probably you snoozed it.

But you did not. You stopped the alarm. Checked the floods of notifications. Like. Comment. Scroll down. Scroll up. Long scroll up for new notifications.

When was the last time that you actually stood up, fixed your bed, and went outside the room? Without holding the phone, you prepare the coffee. The aroma is contained in your place and you declare, “This is going to be a great day!”

Have you found yourself in the throne before taking a bath and you read all the words in the shampoo bottle including the ingredients? Not anymore maybe because you are glued with stories of the day.

As you commute in the office, do you actually see the different faces of hardworking Filipinos? Have you noticed that summer is really over because the billboard has changed already?

Others hate Filipinos for this, but an old friend is actually in the same elevator and you did not budge to have a conversation like it used to be. Instead, you continue to scroll even if timeline stories have ended because signal could not be found.

Lunchtime. You are with your officemates. You hear the buzz and the laughter. It sounded like a white noise to you as you continue to check what other people in other places could be doing.

Commute. Dinner.

The lights in the metro is competing against the sky full of stars.

All the people that you can see. All the things that you can feel and touch. All the genuine conversations that you could have done.

You did not experience all of those because you are busy looking down at the palm of your hands.

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