Marriage and Community

One fine Sunday afternoon, my wife and I had a confrontation all because of a spoon. Tears were shed. A discussion of expectations happened. All because of a spoon!

That story was shared by my wife during our gathering of friends who are married also. As much as possible, we gather every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. We share lives. We learn from each other. We share stories of celebrations, and even stories that make our marriages imperfect.

Why do we strive to meet with friends who are married also?

Marriage thrives in community. It is not ‘you and me forever’. At least not always. My married life is not glamorous. Having a community allows me to learn about how other couples are doing. I am learning a lot from them – faith moving decisions or dealing with a husband like me.

Marriage thrives in confession. This is something that I look forward to in meeting with couple friends. I can freely share my imperfections as a husband without the fear of judgment. We listen to each others flaws, make fun of it but most importantly correct, rebuke, and learn from each other on how to deal with it.

Marriage thrives in Christ. No marriage is perfect. Again, if you are looking for happiness and love, marriage is not the answer. There are a lot of times when I make my wife sad or when I am so annoying and unloveable. Because the core of happiness and love is and can be found only in Jesus. I am happy to have this community who is our support group, we pray for each other, we stand in faith together.

My suggestion is if you are a couple, find the same community or join us. We would love to share our lives with you.

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