I Vote For The Children

“Not voting is not a protest. It is a surrender.” –  Keith Ellison

It is a surrender to your values and principles. Tomorrow’s election will have an impact in the future of our nation. Because I stand for hope, I know that my vote counts. I am writing this tonight so that those who might chance upon reading this will see a different light on the two issues that matter most to me in selecting the candidates I am voting for. This is not a prescription, but just an opinion.

I am voting for the children!

I am voting for candidates who are not in favor of divorce. I believe in the sanctity of marriage and the covenant that is attached to it. Most importantly, children are the innocent bystanders of divorce that have no choice. They are not part of the decision making. Yet, they will have to live and deal with that fact as the years of their lives go by.

I am voting for the children!

I am voting for candidates who are not in favor of lowering the age of criminal liability. Last year, I visited a youth detention center – a euphemism of a jail. I heard their stories, and their dreams. One summer during my college years, I was able to hear a story of a former child soldier. I remember his fears. I remember his dreams.

Their stories share the same point, they are just victims of the circumstances. It is mostly because of poverty and the exploitation of children by crime syndicates.

They all have the same dreams. The same dreams that all children have. To be free. To be free from any worries, be able to play, finish college, and have toys.

For these two reasons, I vote for the children! They all deserve a chance to have a voice through our ballots tomorrow.

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

Unsure about who to vote: PHSenatorialCandidateQuiz/Dashboard 

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