Life Goes On

I had a bike accident at EDSA last Friday. It was early morning – a great day to bike from Ortigas to BGC to Ortigas. There was a huge space in EDSA. It was a nice glide from Shaw and the downhill slope felt I was in control. It was like being carried through by the wind. Then, literally, I flew in mid-air! A car was passing through the intersection that I did not see. We did not crash. I put on the break and I flew.

This happened the day after. It could have been me. Praying for for the safety of those involved.

While in mid-air, I did not blink nor closed my eyes. Thud! I felt the hard surface of the road. I collected myself and brought the bike in the sideway. I felt pain! My left palm was a little bit swollen, my left thigh was throbbing, and my ankle has a small wound.

After a minute, I started walking. The pain was still there. I was smiling at the thought that it was Good Friday. If my Lola was around, she would have not allowed me to bike (not in EDSA at any other day) because of the superstition that it is dangerous during the holy week and wounds heal slower if you get one.

I stood at the sideway of Guadalupe Bridge feeling the calmness of the day. I drowned myself with the stillness of the water. There was peace despite the feeling of pain.

I felt so alive! The pain reminded me of blind spots especially when I thought everything is under my control. The danger reminded me that fear is real but to face it does not always mean life will be taken away.

Life is a collection of moments. It is not always fun. Life is not the absence of pain and danger.

I had a short run this morning. There is still discomfort but everything is well.

No matter what happens, life goes on.

Photo by Luca Campioni on Unsplash

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