‘Follow Your Passion’ Is Oversold

Last year, I met a friend who was contemplating to resign. He has a lot of reasons why but the one that struck me the most is when he said, “I am not happy anymore. I want to pursue my passion.” It should have been easy for me to say, “Hey! Follow your passion!” But I did not. I just listened more.

“Follow your passion” as a stand alone advice is a wrong advice. I have been there. I have been doing the things that I am passionate about. “Do what you love and you will never work for another day.”

Wrong again! Do not get me wrong. I love it when people discover their passion and they are working on it. But a lot of my friends, including myself, also discovered that following your passion entails hardwork. There were times when I questioned myself if I did the right thing to even pursue it. Every day is a chance to work the best that you can.

It is only a dream when you think about following your passion and every thing are clouds of happiness.

Follow your passion and be disciplined to pursue it.

For me, that is a better advice.

Discipline is the best equalizer. We all have 24 hours in a day. What matters is how disciplined we are in making the most of the 24 hours every day. We may pursue our passion but without discipline nothing will come out of it.

And If you have a friend asking for an advice about his/her resignation, this is my advice to you: You are not required to respond within that day. Just listen. Let a day pass by before you give an advice. Give him a day to think about it. Maybe he will change his mind.

Photo by Zoë Gayah Jonker on Unsplash

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