Death Has No Sting

I have roughly 39.2 years to enjoy in my lifetime.

I am not afraid of death.

A 2016 study states that the average lifespan of Filipinos is 70.2 years. That year is at 2058 for me.

What predictions will happen in 2058? In article last 2008 on how things will be in 2058, the world will never be the same again. The predictions include: getting your complete genetic code analyzed, so that the doctors can give you custom-made medications for what ails you (or what might have ailed you without the drugs). And don’t forget the cyber-implants: Several essayists, including inventor-futurist Ray Kurzweil, heralded the day when nanomachines would merge with our own bodies.

My old self would have asked: How do I live beyond 2058 so that I could experience all those new wonders? My answers to this question may not be the kind of life that I have now. My question for this is in a totally different angle.

What change in the world do I want to see in my lifetime? How can I help in achieving it?

I am not looking forward to death. I know though that it is a fact – the ratio of death is 1:1. But that possibility also includes that every day is a new day to do incremental changes for myself, and for the world that I live in.

I am not afraid of death. It made me alive! Through this mindset, I have made several changes in how I deal life.

That it is so nice to see the sunrise and the sunset. Best things are free. We may be able to see 70 sunrise and sunsets in our lifetime. Sunrise signals a new day, and sunset signals an end of the day, a time to rest, and a hope for a new beginning. Hope, rest, life is free, we just have to live with and in it every day.

I stopped listening to music or podcast during a walk or a run. We have a television that we do not use. I realized that technology has become our way to escape life. Why do we escape it? We will eventually. Why hurry? When was the last time you observe how people are? When was the last time you intentionally look at the trees, and the flowers blooming around you?

I could say also that I am kinder and nicer. Being kind and being nice is free, you may have changed the lives of other people because you have been nice and kind to them. Be patient to fast-food crews, say thank you to drivers, smile and know the names of utility, and guards in your office. It is not that hard.

That real work starts at home. It is not my main job to provide. It is my role and mine alone to love my wife. To enjoy her presence. To talk to her. To dream with her. To date her. To laugh with her.

Lastly, I made it a personal mission to help. That the next 39 years of my life will be spent on making a difference. There are impossible things, but it can be done. It can be done if we consciously live every day that it should be done.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” -Peter Drucker

The future is today! Let us create it together. One day at a time.

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

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