I Quit…Not In Life

I quit facebook, Instagram and twitter. I did not deactivate. I deleted it permanently. It did not bother me that there are memories in pictures and videos that I could have saved first. I decided to put it everything in the valley of nowhere in the web.

I am not coming back!

It was weird on the first day. Whenever I feel the need to check my phone, I read text messages. Those were not real conversations. Mostly are mere instructions, messages that says, “check fb messenger”.

These are the reasons why:

I want to be free from its toxicity.

2007. I started using facebook. It was very simple then. Today, you cannot post without reviewing it many times: Is it politically correct? Will I be bashed? Will people like this post? Even the stories that you share are curated for an audience that you try to make it interesting.

Facebook also has become a tool in peddling fake news. The things that other people posts can alter your emotions and your mood.

Now, I am free from it.

I need discipline.

I have been doing the 50–10 rule. But sometimes, the 50 minutes that is supposedly for deep work will be multitasked with checking the latest notifications. I am OC in terms of notification that I cannot bear to see an unread badge.

FB, Instagram and Twitter has built a platform that makes you want to scroll more and when it becomes less interesting, you will have to refresh it see another items to be checked.

It consumes a lot of time.

I want to have real and meaningful experience.

I had no mobile phone during my first year in college. I drowned myself with reading.

Sophie’s World was my escape to the world, and then came Harry Potter. Reading those books made me imagine where they are, I sometimes could smell the potions and the places, I could hear sounds of the words. When I found a nicely crafted sentence, I will read it over and over as if trying to carve it in my head and in my heart.

All of these changed when I got into social media. ‘Quotable’ quotes? I will stop reading and post it so others could be inspired or see what I am reading at. It is as if I owe it to the world to share those sentences. Days after, I could only sum up the words that I know from the book.

And sure, conversation with friends should be meaningful. The moment someone starts looking at the phone, everyone follows. End of conversation.

There should be interesting things in our lives also and not conversations that goes, “Have you seen the post of xxx, i think they are not okay.” It becomes a gossip.

There. We have reasons in staying in those platform. These are my reasons for staying out. For me, those social media platforms demands my life to be interesting, to be curated and to be shared even to strangers that I do not have a deep-meaningful connection with.

This is an interesting life, again!

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

PS For groups and pages that I need to be in, I share with my wife's social media account. I have messenger that is using just a mobile number to login.

PPS This is a personal experience and not a prescription.

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