One Life To Live

I remember a story that I read about a monk who promises to answer the wishes of the people or eases the burden that they have. When the people learned about it, they flocked to the monk’s house, trailing the dangerous path to the mountain top where the monk lives.

When they arrived, the monk said that it will be the last day for him to do the ordeal that they expected him to do.

People were complaining and frustrated. The monk stopped the noises and told them to write their request in the paper instead. Everyone did as they are told. They put their notes in the box.

The monk said that each one shall get one paper in the box and say it loud (the requests written in the note).

One by one, they read the concerns of other people and they realized how pity their concerns are. Each one tear up when they learned that other people are experiencing struggles and hardships more than they do.

So, they did not seek the monk anymore and went home feeling contented and happy.

This is who we are! We only just need to grasp that for others we are on top or ahead of them. Some people want to switch places with ours.

Never compare your life to others. You only have one life to live. Live it!

Photo by Maria Fernanda Gonzalez on Unsplash

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