Why The Heaven Is Closing The Door I Most Wanted To Be In?

You applied for a job that you really want, but you did not even get a call for an interview. You have a dream school, but you did not get the score needed for admission. You were in a relationship you thought was the one, but it did not last long.

If you have experienced a situation like this, know that you are not alone. There were times when I thought I should have prayed longer, prayed ‘better’, prayed more often about those things. As if that prayer could change the will of God for me. He is not supposed to withhold good gifts from me, right? As if, I know all the time what I really want.

I still do not have all the answers  to my questions but I have some lessons learned why the heaven were closing the doors I most wanted to be in.

Knocking At The Wrong Door

 Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. –Matthew 7:7

 I thank God for these closed doors. I thank God that he sometimes says no.

We want the limelight. We want the security of money even if we know that the job will just bore us to death because we are not passionate about it. Or maybe, we just want to be relevant. Our desire for the wrong door is only because of our selfishness.

God closed the door because our heart is not right and we want the wrong thing.   

We Are Not Listening

We can be so caught up with our desire that it becomes an idol. Having an idol in our heart hinders our ability to hear God. When we closed our eyes as we pray, all we see are great lights and visions of what we want to see. We dream and imagine how beautiful it is inside that door. At the end, we got our heart broken because those dreams were shattered easily by God’s closing of the door.

Sometimes we’ve got to stop listening to our own voice in our head. Most of the times, we’ve got to stop listening from the voices that comes in your head especially those that has hints of us getting the fame and the glory.

Start consciously listening to the small still voice of God. Listening takes practice. But when you are used to it, you just know that the door was closed because he is opening the best one.

Closed Doors Are Answered Prayers For Others

Every promotion that you do not get is a promotion for another. A slot for admission of a new student that you think should be yours is a slot for another student. Every failed relationship opens a new place to be with someone new.

I remember a friend’s story of her friend. Her friend had a hard time accepting the death of a her father despite of all her prayers. Her father was in a hospital bed for a while. She knew that God can heal miraculously.  One day, as she was asking and listening to God why there was no healing but death instead, she felt God said to her, “I did not answer your prayer, but I answered his’.” It was a realization that his father’s prayer could be to stop the pain already and be with Him in heaven with no pain and everlasting joy.

Your unanswered prayer can be someone’s answered prayer.

God Closes Doors And He knows What He Is Doing

 It is not our desire nor our desperation that will soften God’s heart to answer our prayers. He knows better. He holds our future. And the best thing that we can do is to trust Him even the closed doors.

The heart of the Gospel is an unanswered prayer of Jesus.

Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine. –Luke 22:42

God knows what he was doing. The door was closed in that moment for Jesus. He suffered. Died on the cross. But what is fascinating is that, the door that Jesus was confined after his death is now forever opened. It opened the way for us to experience a full life.

While the heaven is closing the door that you most wanted to be in, He is opening a new one, a bigger door, a door that no man can shut.

Be expectant! And be thankful for the closed doors.



Photo by Tomas Mata on Unsplash

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