The Mist’s Manifesto: January

I hope to encourage everyone to make fifty-two weeks of 2018 to matter.

I wrote the The Mist’s Manifesto taken from the verse in James 4:14 that we are like a mist. We have so many things that we want to do with so little time here on Earth.

The last day of the month of January is on Wednesday next week. By counting fifty-two (52) weeks only it allows me to track easily the chances for me to create a difference in the world. It made my decisions about time easier.

Today, I am sharing what I have done so far for the month in January. My intention is not to brag. But this is with the hope to encourage you that making a difference does not always have to be grand.

The Mist's Manifesto.011

Speak life to the youth

Last January 14 and 21, I was given an opportunity to teach the scholars of Real LIFE Foundation about finding their purpose, and of creating or maintaining healthy relationships. The students were a mix of high school and college students.

I could have said no because those were Sunday mornings and for three (3) hours each. But everything is paid off when I read their feedback on what they learned and how they can practically apply it in their daily lives.


And you can do this too, it does not have to a be a formal training like this one.

Look at the young people around you today. Look at them with hope that they can enjoy their purpose and calling. Volunteer yourself to them to become their life coach and speak life to them. The youth are so hungry with learning from your experiences. They may have been busy with social media most of the time because no one ever tried to talk to them as a person, and listen to their hopes and dreams. Be there for them!

Shop and give back

There are lot of products that have amazing stories. There is a cause that compels them to sell their products more than the profit. One of the enterprises that my wife and I are supporting is Messy Bessy.

In the website it says: Messy Bessy is a line of natural, biodegradable, non-toxic home and personal care products. With every purchase, you help our scholars have a good, clean start. They are in business to improve the lives of at-risk young adults in their community. They have been able to design and execute a breakthrough program that allows them to provide education, on-the-job-training, work ethic enhancement and values formation.


I am happy using their products not only because they help the youth but they are one with the planet – the ingredients are earth-friendly and natural.

Change a life. Change the nation.

The vision of Real LIFE Foundation is to see transformed lives, families and communities through hope and education. They have 330 scholars (high school and college) so far and will hopefully have 400+ this academic year of 2018. They have scholars in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao – up north of Tuguegarao and down south of Zamboanga.

Asian Development Bank statistics says that a university degree holder has a 99.4% chance of getting out to poverty. And supporting the organization means you are a part of making education possible to underprivileged youth.

You can read Real LIFE Stories of their alumni on how the organization made a difference in their lives.


In all these, I hope that you too will start thinking about how you can make a difference in the lives of the people around you. And to the community that you are in.

Lastly, my wife and I attended a session for Operation Kawayan. It was a brainstorming of ideas on how we can use creativity to make Disaster Risk Reduction learning more fun and interesting to kids.


Our world will become a better place when many are helping together in achieving the sustainable development goals. It is not just for us but our legacy for the next generation to come.

I would love to see a new revolution that is mainly compelled by kindness and compassion.

In the same way as what Jesus did for you and me, he devoted his life in selflessness and service to His creation. What we do with our faith is as important to Jesus as what we believe.



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