What Makes A Winning Team

They had no money, they paid for their dream with the proceeds from their bicycle shop. Not a single person on the Wright brothers’ team had a college education. Not even Orville or Wilbur. And the New York Times followed them around nowhere. The difference was that Orville and Wilbur were driven by a cause, a purpose, a belief. They believed that if they could figure out this flying machine, it will change the course of the world. –Start With Why (Simon Sinek)

August this year, I started creating a team who are passionate about creating ideas that has a strong belief that we can help our nation. It has always been clear in our team that we will be involved in cause driven innovations. That every solutions, applications or technologies that we would come up with will always be related to helping the underprivileged or what the country needs. There are four of us in the team.

Our once a week meeting would always revolve around creating a prototype. We would write it in papers. We will meet in places or coffee shops with internet connection. We just believe that eventually we can make a difference.

Having a clear purpose, we opened ourselves to joining competition that will allow us to learn. Due to limited resources, we decided that we will only join events and competitions if there is no registration fee. I would always check events in Facebook until a friend tagged me in a hackathon event.

It was our first hackathon event and believe me it is not easy to keep yourself awake for 24 hours. The mechanics is simple: Teams will meet in the venue for the first time. The organizers will announce the topics or issues. Each team will choose which topic they would like to create a mobile application or software design. The next day, the solution or prototype should be working already. You stay in the venue overnight with some beds that they provide. The next day will include pitches and demo to determine the winner.

This hackathon is about innovating solutions towards achieving sustainable development goals. This is definitely aligned to our purpose. It has no registration and so we joined. At the end of the event, we were declared as the winner.

We did not expect the win. We were just there to learn more and build memories as a team. It actually enhanced our teamwork.

What did we bring in the hackathon? We only had two laptops which are not completely working well 100%. One of the laptops has a broken keyboard and tracking pad. In our table, that laptop looked like a desktop because it has a CDR King keyboard, and a mouse. I had to bring an extension wire also that is why my wife was not able to do the laundry at home because the other laptop will only function if it is charged without interruption.

What makes a winning team?

The team wins when the purpose is clear. The lack or the limited resources do not hinder them from fulfilling the purpose. They always go back to their purpose when they make decisions. They support and encourage each other because they know that each team member is part in fulfilling the purpose.

Purpose is God given. That is why it takes so much faith to still push through even with the overwhelming uncertainty.



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