Prayer In A Sinking Ship

Before going to the altar for the wedding, our top priority was to be able to pray together. It was the last time that we can pray for each other as single individuals.

I had to be blindfolded but I am bad with visualizing spaces and measurements. So, struggle was real going to Richt’s room. I had to hurdle several long and winding stairs. People were telling me directions which sometimes involve shouting. At first, I refuse to follow a supposedly full-step and will just make a half-step which fell short to the stairs.

It was one of the times when my trust to other people was tested. I was scared. Nothing is scarier than having bruises, and blood stains on my white long sleeves during the wedding.

Who would want that extra stress on your wedding day? Probably, no one would.

But I believe in the importance of prayer.

When I finally touched the hand of Richt, all fears and struggles settled down. It was a great relief. I was tearing up when I started praying for her and for us. My blindfold was soaked with tears when she prayed for me and for us also.

Prayer for me is like that. When my life seems to be going the wrong way and I pray about it, it feels like the hand of God meets my circumstances. And I fight fear with courage, and it makes me settle down in complete dependence to Him.

Is prayer important?

I know that for most of us, the answer to that question is ‘Yes’.

But when the question is on how often do we pray, our answers vary. While we believe in the importance of it, the struggle in praying every day is a hard truth. We allow our busy life to take over and steal even the time of prayer.

I am guilty for this also. I do not want to be late in meetings or going to the office. But I cannot judiciously follow the time I set in meeting God for prayer. There were a lot of times when God made me realized the distractions that are keeping me away from prayer. I could only repent and ask his holy presence again to fill me.

People on sinking ships do not complain of distractions during their prayer. –Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference (Philip Yancey)

I hope that we all realize that our world is like a sinking ship – fallen world. So that any distractions from the enemy will not hinder us from responding through a God whose redemption is always available.

Through prayer, we are able to connect to another realm – that is of joy and dependence.

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