What Discipleship Is Not

This is Alexander. He is my disciple.

That is not Jesus introducing Alexander to me. In more than one occasion, I encountered people who introduced their friends with that same outline. When I was new in my journey and was starting to do one2one also, it crossed my head to do the same. It seemed cool and legitimate.

I realized eventually that it is not the right. It is leading me to be proud. It is not what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Certain mindsets are to be broken on what discipleship is not. It made me humble knowing that after all I am just a channel of what goes beyond me.

Discipleship is not one2one

One2One is a seven-lesson discipleship guide to help facilitate conversations to jumpstart your walk with God. –Every Nation

One2One is just a tool for discipleship. The same goes with Purple Book Class, Making Disciples, and Empowering Leaders. Finishing all the discipleship journey process does not mean anything if you are not able to discover the heart of it.

In my experience, there are those that I do one2one with which took only a month. I experienced where we finished it for almost a year. Both of them now are leading and serving other people.

Discipleship journey is never a race of who finishes it first.

At the end of the day, their relationship with Jesus is more important. And even if they graduate the two-semester training of Leadership 113, it does not mean so much if they missed the point of who God is.

Discipleship is not about you

It is not for your credit when those people that you helped with discipleship is leading and serving already.

While you are the disciple maker, he or she is not your disciple. A disciple is a person who follows Jesus. Not you.

So think again when you say, “He is my disciple.” Because it means that either you get the guy confuse of his salvation or you make yourself ready to be put on the cross. Kidding aside, it is not about you. It is about Jesus.

It means that you are just the tour guide for other people to know Jesus. It is to accept the fact that our role is just to be an instrument for them to know who their maker and redeemer is. It is an act of humility that everything we do is possible only by His grace.

There are some who conclude that since the great Christian temptation is to try everything, the perfect Christian solution is to be nothing. –A Long Obedience In The Same Direction (Eugene Peterson)

Discipleship is not conversion

Jesus is calling for us to become His disciples. He is not calling us to become a convert.

If our goal is conversion, we can make the Gospel sound convenient so that they may believe in it. But they do not necessarily act or commit to it.

Have you ever convinced your friends how tasty a new kind of soft drinks are but you do not share to them the amount of sugar that is in it?

Conversion is like that. You make the Gospel appealing to them but you hide the cost. You do not tell them the cost of discipleship.

The cost of following Jesus is to die to self. To die to every desire that goes against the command of Jesus and of who He is.


So what is discipleship?

Discipleship is relationship. –Pastor Joey Bonifacio

Discipleship is the journey for you and other people to know Jesus. It is a relationship with God and how we relate to others.

It not just about the trainings and classes to attend to. The end goal is not to finish it but on knowing more who Jesus is and the growth of our relationship with him.

It is not about us. It is about Him. While we feel that we are seeking Him or we usher other people to seek him, it is still up to His grace.

I will end with a quote from the book ‘The Call’ by Os Guinness.

Our seeking will always fall short unless God’s grace initiates the search and unless God’s call draws us to him and completes the search. All is grace. The secret of seeking is not in our human ascent to God, but in God’s descent to us. We start out searching, but we end up being discovered. We think we are looking for something; we realize we are found by Someone.



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