*This is an asterisk.

It is used to censor vulgar and swear words. It is also used in facebook and twitter to correct wrong spelling or grammar of a previous post or comment.

But before the rise of social mainstreams, the * is used in contracts and other documents as a fine print. It means that there is a detail somewhere in the contract or the document that you should read.

This post will not be about how * can be used nor about its history.

This is about the significance of the fine prints that we do not usually see when we look at the lives of other people. We get envious sometimes seeing how curated their Instagram pictures are that we want to trade our lives to them.

But only God knows how much they have to put in to becoming who they are now.

Who we are and what we do?

We all have aspirations and dreams. Sometimes we see it happening in to the lives of our friends or to the people around us. You want to be promoted and then suddenly another person gets promoted. You really want to get married and yet you are now in the 27th dress of being a bridesmaid. You like to party and then work makes it impossible for you to leave in the wee hours of the evening.

That is who we are. It is easy for us to take into account the lives of others and we tend to forget that we have a life to be accounted for also.

We wander into the discontent of our hearts. We take comfort with material consumerism.

We have a cycle of having a consumer relationship. It means that whenever we found someone who can give us more, we drop the person we are with and get the next person we thought who can gratify us more.

We are insatiable.

Living the lives of others

Most of the times, we want our lives to be traded to someone else. We think that we are so much better if we are popular and a celebrity.

A picture of a couple would take us even to thinking that we need to find the person we can be with even if we are not ready. We like to be a son to someone else’s father. We like to be in a private school because your friends are in there. We want to rule the world!

Aspiring to become a better person is good but trying to become the other person you just envy is wrong.

When we try to live the lives of other people, we forget to enjoy the process of going to it. We are so pushed in to the wall thinking of the end rather than the means. We forget that our circumstance is as good as the circumstance of others.

The pitfall is when we think we have tried all the things we need to do to get there and yet we fail. We will be swallowed by the darkness of our thoughts and makes frustrations and despair occupy a bigger space in our hearts.

The Monk’s Story

I remember a story that I read about a monk who promises to give the wishes of the people or eases the burden that they have. When the people learned about it, they flocked to the monk’s house, trailing the dangerous path to the mountain top where the monk lives.

When they arrived, the monk said that it will be the last day for him to do the ordeal that they expected him to do.

People were complaining and frustrated. The monk stopped the noises and told them to write their request in the paper instead. Everyone did as they are told. They put their notes in the box.

The monk said that each one shall get one paper in the box and say it loud (the requests written in the note).

One by one, they read the concerns of other people and they realized how pity their concerns are. Each one tear up when they learned that other people are experiencing struggles and hardships more than they do.

So, they did not seek the monk anymore and went home feeling contented and happy.


This is who we are! We only just need to grasp that for others we are on top or ahead of them. Some people want to switch places with ours.

A high earning individual could be tired already for doing things that he is not passionate about.

Students are eager to work and professional are eager to study again.

We all hurry to grow up. Grandparents want to be young again.

See that! Wherever you are in, someone is willing to do what you are doing.

We should be pleased to where we are and enjoy it despite the pain and suffering.

There is beauty in the pain. There is beauty in the season that you are in.

We are an instant generation and I understand that. I have my own issues to deal with that. But I learned to let go of the notion of having things easily. I might not be ready yet.

Do not wish to skip your season instantly. If you are in the winter season, do not be obsessed with getting out of it. During winter, the soil rests. It is starting to get back all the nutrients in preparation for the spring.

What can we learn from the *? What is with the fine print that we need to understand?

Those we try to copy have made it through difficult seasons as well. Their lives may have been into the worst case ever, yet they survived gracefully. They are reaping a good harvest now because they have sowed even in the testing seasons. Our season might be difficult now but that is part of the process.

We will never ever know how sweet the apple is if we will not plant a seed, watch it grow and bear its fruits. –David Bonifacio

We will have our own special fine print too. They will never know how much you have tried until you get to where you are now.

We can never be someone else. They can never be us.

God made us beautiful in our own ways. God put an asterisk to each one of us. But for sure he will never give us a cross that we cannot bear.



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