You Get To Choose The Person You Want To Be

I visited National University for a job-related meeting. It was a surprise meeting but by the grace of God, the meeting went well.

As we moved out to the meeting room, it made me miss going to school. I saw students walking around, heard loud drum rolls from a practicing band, and signs which says you should wear your ID all the time. It reminded me of who I once was – a student.

I almost had 17 years of my life going to school from Mondays to Fridays. Mondays to Sundays during college because I live at the university’s dormitory.

This is a note for students. I put here some practical advises which I should have done as a student.

Study hard.

The things you study may not come out during the exam but years from now those little knowledge that you despise will come in handy as you face life.

The results of tests and examinations will not define you, but how you prepare will. Prepare as hard as you can. You will have no regret when you study a 100-page book and only 20 questions will come out.

Almost all small and big decisions depend on how prepared you are in answering life questions.

Get on with the habit. Enjoy learning!

Respect your teachers. 

 You will have a boss when you get a job and knowing to respect them will matter a lot. Just as your respect your teacher could determine your grade; your respect to your boss could determine your salary increase.

Or you will be the boss of your own enterprise, you will know how it feels to be or not to be respected.

Diploma does not mean anything if it does not make you humble and respectful.

Do not be late. 

Never be late during examinations because you lose the time to think and relax. When you are late, you will be rushing to answer the questions just to finish on time.

You will have a lot of appointments in the future like job interviews, meeting with clients, early morning presentations and maybe an 8AM-5PM job. Those who come in late usually are those that are let go of first.

As I heard from one of the pastors in church, “When you come on time, you are late.”

Come not on time but ahead of time.

Never cheat. 

You cannot cheat life because life happens whether you are ready or not.

Years from now you will have to do a lot of decision making and in a lot of cases you will have to answer it alone.

Choose your friends well. 

 You do not have to be popular in school. When you are old enough, you will understand that life is not a popularity contest.

That real friends will come from those that you have truly interacted fully.


All these things are based on my own experiences.

The preparation that you do now will reveal your character – who you will be in the future.

You are either diligent or lazy, respectful or disobedient, having a reputation of valuing the time of others or always tardy, a cheater or someone who is fair, a good listener or self-absorbed.

You get to choose the person who you want yourself to be.

Just you wait, you will see the result of those choices.




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