I Tried Getting A Ticket to Mars

I wanted to be an astronaut. The idea of space walking, watching the Earth at a distance and observing the sunrise or the sunset in the deep space kept me pre-occupied when I was a kid.

I was agnostic. I believed that what governs the world is a higher force or nature. It does not involve me on how it works regardless of whether I am doing good or bad.

Five years ago, I became restless. I cannot sleep at night thinking that I have to be part of something.

An opportunity was announced by Mars One. They are giving out a one way free ticket to Mars. I did not hesitate when I learned about it so I quickly sent out my resume.



mars email


My heart was empty and I knew that something should fill it.

And because of my fondness to become an astronaut, it is clear in the subject line what I was applying for. For a while, it was running and playing in my mind. I know I can be ultra competitive, so the idea of having to do tasks against all other applicants fascinated me day by day. I started to jog and run and lost weight.

And then a letter from the organization electrified the whole of me. Here is how they responded:



reply mars


Can you imagine how I was feeling that day? My energy was like being pumped up by gazillion cups of coffee. Tens and thousands have applied according to the website and they are short listing me to be a possible interviewee for the International Herald Tribune.

For days, I was dreaming about being in the expedition while the world is watching. There were several kinds of dream that involve successful landing, unsuccessful landing and aliens/ other life forms in Mars. Indeed, those days were crazy.

One Saturday afternoon, I was in a youth service.

From then on, my heart was full of gladness when I hear His words during the preaching. It kept me coming there for three full months. But I never responded to any of the altar calls.

I met William. He is on a wheelchair. I realized that there was something in him that makes him so secure and complete. While I am able yet so broken.

I was convicted when he shared to me how Jesus’ body was broken to show His love for me and to save me. I accepted Him and surrendered my life to Him. Jesus filled all the emptiness of my heart.

He purchased me with His love by dying on the cross. I know that my life is not for myself and it is for His glory. That my life should be shared to others. And I am free.

I forgot about going to Mars. I found my purpose. I found what is in store for me. I found that my life is better served on Earth.


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