Instant or Brewed?

Waiting. This is the hardest to navigate. Honestly, I rather would get a “No” than “Wait”. There is so much uncertainty when you wait, like the end is unknown, and it’s killing us softly inside not to see what’s coming.

I have wanted things so badly and by this I am actually saying “I want it to be mine and I want it now!” But as the famous adage would tell us:

Great things come to those who wait.

Indeed there is beauty in waiting. It made so much sense when I had an instant coffee this morning.

What I did was: press the button for 1 cup of cappuccino from the office’s vending machine. It tasted good but could not compare to the taste of a freshly brewed one! Back at home I just needed to wait a little bit longer to taste the better one, the best there is. Maybe I was too lazy thinking about the several steps it would take me to get a cup of happiness! And the thought of cleaning all together the coffee maker for JUST a cup of happiness made me think of the instant, one that wouldn’t lift a finger! But really, nothing compares to the feeling of anticipation that it brings when you know that what you are getting in the end is the REAL THING that would make you happy. Because you just know how beautiful it would taste, waiting becomes part of the whole experience.

This whole waiting thing brings so much application to my life now as a wife. At home, I do the laundry! Yes, I want to be the suitable help-er! And when I say help, I really want to do my best to perform my role. You know, I like it that when Junver would look for his favorite pink polo, I could sport my best smile and point to the closet and say “It’s clean. Done with so much love, Ga.” Haha! But hand washing clothes got so hard eventually. I am grateful though to be married to a patient husband who always hears a repeated music “Ga, let’s buy a washing machine, please! Soon please! Look at my small and delicate hands, they’re all hurting”.

I wanted it so badly that hey I could settle for JUST a simple one. One that would help my poor little hands! Little did I know that there is what they call the automatic washing machine!!!! Praise God for this invention. When I heard about it, I caught myself already imagining about using it, happily singing while doing the laundry every day! 😆 Then my husband got out the “Positive buying envelope” and wrote the amount. This would mean for us to wait until we have the amount to buy this miracle life-saving machine! Haha! “Okay, I would wait”. I know now what I wanted and wouldn’t settle for anything less so I will work hard, to still wash his favorite pink polo with my hands! 😀

Lessons From Waiting

There are two resounding lessons I learned from this waiting experience so far:

Hold on to the beauty of the promise.

When you fully realize the value of what you are getting in the end, you wouldn’t trade it for anything less. Because if you do, you’ll get an unfair deal. Who wants that?

I am holding on to the aroma and the taste of the brewed coffee, the time and effort it would save me using the automatic machine and the beauty of seeing clean and fresh clothes every single day!

Thinking about this makes me ponder on why God sometimes delay His answers to our prayers. Maybe He wants to teach us to hold on to what is beautiful and not to easily get thrilled of the convenient ones. Maybe He is teaching us to work hard and not be lazy. Maybe He wants us to grow to prepare us to something better.

Hold on to the beauty of the Promise-Keeper!

My husband wants me to have the automatic washing machine! I know that for sure! Why? Because he had been consistent and faithful to his words from the time we were together. My confidence on his words rely greatly on my encounters with him every day and how well I know him as a person.

When God says something, He delivers! He is not just a promise-maker but also a promise-keeper! And He is faithful!

“But Richt, now how do you say so? Probably you got all YES to your prayers!” I tell you, I have more WAIT’s on my list just YET. But here’s the thing: my husband’s words may change tomorrow, my words could change in a minute, but God’s faithfulness is unchanging.

God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should change his mind. Has he said, and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it? – Numbers 23:19

I could get a NO but His grace is abundant for me that I could hope in His goodness! He has been good and everyday that I learn more about Him I am certain that when He answers, His purpose will be fulfilled. He is still to be praised!

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28


8 thoughts on “Instant or Brewed?

  1. Reading with a smile on my face, kanami basahon gid ya nakaka inspired, it reminds me to continually hold on to God’s promises and move forward on seeking God’s will daily of our lives. Thank you so much Richt! What a gift and talent, sulat pa more kay basahin ko gid ya. God bless you Junrich!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jane for reading and your kind words. Salamat man kay naencourage gid ko to write more and share the amazing love of Jesus through this platform.


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