Every Man Should Man-Up

Last February, God gave me two things. A burden and a sense of calling.

It started when I saw a post about sexual harassment. Okay, with all honesty, it wasn’t just one post. Weekly, there would be one to two (even three) trending posts on the internet about someone who is sexually abused. And most of the time, the one who committed it is a man or a group of men.

The Burden

This started my burden about the brokenness of manhood in today’s world. Some people would say that men are “up to no good”, and that they are just people who are “hungry for sex”. True enough, the world has a growing number of passive, irresponsible, sex hungry men. And one of my fears is that people would think that I, as a man, is just like that. Worst, that I would turn out to BE LIKE THAT in the future.

I prayed, grieved, and asked God about manhood and his purpose for it. God answered me in no time, and gave me peace about the issue.

The Calling

God revealed to me my purpose right after he gave me that burden. God did not want manhood to be like that, He did not design manhood to be that way. Sin has corrupted His design, but He is equipping men to restore it.

I was encouraged to tell the men in my sphere of influence about it, about the burden and the calling. And I passed it on, that every man, beside pursuing a great relationship with God, are also called to pursue God’s design for manhood. To live out God’s image through his design and sexuality. That he is not just a person with these unique bodily features, but a person whose destiny and purpose is so uniquely planned out and intricately written to give honor and glory to God. That his identity is rooted in God, and that his manhood and sexuality is made to honor God, and not the world.

The calling doesn’t end there though. You, the one who is reading this. I encourage and challenge you (if you’re a man) to MAN UP.

To honor God with your sexuality, and to pursue it the way God designed it.

For the women, encourage every man that you know to pursue God’s design for manhood (I even encourage you to pursue Womanhood too).

The world is in need of godly men. And I pray that for everyone who is reading this, that this would not turn out to be a one-time challenge, but would treat this as a calling of your own. To challenge yourself on how you can honor God through your sexuality.

Written by: Yev Monarquia


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