Do You Feel Stuck And You Want To Move Forward?

You are browsing Facebook and suddenly you see friends updating where they are this summer. Then, you defaulted to comparing your life from whoever is in your timeline. You see them successful. You see them getting married and having kids. They are winning at school competitions. They are in the honors list. Traveling seems so easy for them.

You ask yourself, “I am stuck but how can I move forward. Will my life get any progress?”

Actually, social media will almost always be nice and glossy. In reality, they have to go through a lot of things just to be where they are. They endure and persevere.

  • They work hard and even work overtime to pay for the travels.
  • They finally pursue the woman they are in love for years.
  • They have sleepless night to study hard.
  • They stay long enough to the company until they got the promotion.

So if you want to move forward, you can ask these questions:

Do I have goals in life?

Most people think they are failing at life. They think they are because they do not have specific goals to achieve. They are not sure what exactly do they want to achieve. They do not have a clear vision of who they want to be.

Specific goals can include starting to shave off bad habits. Waking up early. Doing an exercise. Reading the Bible. You need to have a reason why you are doing all those things and your reason can be connected to your goals.

Am I working hard enough?

I am not sure how to gauge and when to say you are working hard enough. But you can definitely assess if you are being lazy and/or you are procrastinating.

My idea of working hard is that you give the best that you can. Sometimes, it entails working early and working overtime.

The truth is: You maybe working hard but it will be in vain if not connected to your answer on number 1.

What are the values that guide me?

I heard this first time from Pastor Paolo Punzalan and this statement never left in my heart: When values are clear, decisions are simpler.

What do you value the most?

I value God the most and then my wife. Whenever I am faced with decisions, I ask myself, “Is this honoring to God? Will this affect my wife and would she agree to it?

Now is probably time to get a notebook. Write what you really want to be if money is not an issue.  Write simple steps to start it. Research. Write goals. Plan. Ask around for advice. Reflect on what are the values that will guide you along the way.

Remember this, one small step forward is a step forward!

Written by: Junver Arcayna

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